About Vedic Mathematics and Its Relevance For Students

Just as zero originated in India so is Vedic mathematics. Vedic mathematics is based on the sixteen Sutras or word-formulae. It is an ancient mathematical system used during the Vedic Age. Later Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji re-discovered it between 1911 and 1918 from the Vedas. Now you might be wondering how Vedic mathematics will be relevant to you – well it indeed is as this branch of mathematics can help you to crack the CAT exam, especially if you are a trifle weak in calculation and mathematics. So before you join a top CAT coaching class in Kolkata to prepare for CAT exam know about this excellent Indian branch of mathematics. First and foremost let me explain what Vedic mathematics is all about.Definition:’Vedic Mathematics’ is the name given to the ancient, unique technique of calculations based on simple rules and principles, with which, verbally, any mathematical problem can be solved be it algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic or geometry.Discovery:The exact date of the first application of Vedic Mathematics is not known. However, it is said that thousands of years ago, Vedic mathematicians authored various theses on mathematics on the basis of which algebra, algorithm, square roots, cube roots, etc, and the concept of zero evolved.The Sixteen Sutras or Formulae:The system of oral calculation is based on 16 Vedic sutras or aphorisms and 16 upa-sutras, with the help of which a large number of complex mathematical problems can be solved mentally. The basic roots of Vedic mathematics lie in Vedas, and form an integral part of Jyothisha which is one of the six Vedangas.Some of the sutras and sub-sutras can be extremely effective for you to improve your calculation skills.Revival:It was late Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960) who rediscovered this discipline between 1911 and 1918 from the Indian Sanskrit texts, better known as the Vedas. According to him, this particular branch of mathematics is made of the sixteen Sutras or word-formulae that describe the mind’s natural way of solving a wide range of calculations, easily and effortlessly.When in the beginning of 20th century some scholars dismissed texts called ‘Ganita Sutras’, meaning mathematics on the pretext of not finding any mathematics in their translations, Bharati Krsna, started studying these texts thoroughly and after much careful investigation was able to reconstruct this discipline.Bharati Krsna wrote a total of sixteen volumes illustrating the Vedic system. However, with the loss of all his volumes, he finally wrote a single book named “Vedic Mathematics”, which got published in 1965, five years after his death.Importance of Vedic Mathematics:The importance of Vedic Mathematics lies in the fact that any type of complex and critical multiplication or division can be done with simplicity. Through this system, students can resort to their own methods, without sticking to any one particular process. Vedic Mathematics presents in front of us a rational and unified structure of mathematics, with harmonizing, easy methods, at par with what most mathematics teachers of today are perhaps looking for – something better to make geometry and calculus easier for pupils.

Commercial Property Sells Faster Using Real Estate Agents

When a commercial property is to be taken to the market for sale there are 3 alternatives available to the property owner:Market and sell the property themselves without an agent involved
Market and sell the property using a specialised commercial real estate agent
Market and sell the property using multiple real estate agents on an open agency basisNow most owners would like to save marketing money and commission so it is tempting for them to sell the property themselves (or think they can). This will cut out any involvement of real estate agents and in theory saves on commission and possibly gives lower advertising costs to the property owner. If the owner finds a purchaser then the owner’s solicitor will do the contract of sale.Whether the property owner likes paying commission or not, the experienced commercial real estate agent will always bring high value expertise and market knowledge to the property sale process. Those two elements can help with the price obtained and the time on market.The single agent chosen to market the property should have a solid record with the following:History in the area as a successful agent in sales and leasing
Good staff that are experienced in the type of property
High level negotiation and documentation skills
Awareness of prices that have been obtained recently
Clear understandings of the target market for the property
Ability to tap into prospects immediately before local media marketing commences
A clear marketing method and strategy that taps into the target market
A database that reflects current local property enquiry and provides an efficient way to communicate selectively into the database the details of the current property
Complete awareness of other local property with which the subject property will compete
Internet and email technology that will support the marketing process for the property
Copywriting and word smithing skills that stand above the competition in drafting adverts and promotional material
Communication processes that keep the property owner up to date during the campaign
Methods of sale that match the property and the marketA property owner simply does not have this capability outlined in the list; a good real estate agent does. When all of these elements above are fully utilised in property marketing, a property can sell quickly and at the best price given the prevailing market conditions. That is worth much more than any saving a property owner thinks they can achieve by selling the property themselves.With regard to the owner that thinks that multiple agents (on a conjunction or open list basis) will sell the property faster, think again. When you list a property to sell in this way it is simply a disaster waiting to happen. Buyers are not attracted to property that is open listed, and agents do not promote the property with focus and strategy. The sale if it happens in this way is a product of luck more than intention. Property owners should do justice to themselves and their property at the time of sale; choose the best agent with the best track record.

Corporate Entertainment Ideas – 7 Tips on How to Book the Right Corporate Event Entertainment

A Good Fit – The Audience:
While all people like to be entertained, there are differences of opinions as to what is entertaining. True, as the old saying goes, “The quickest way to fail is to try to please everyone,” you can still please the majority. To do that, look at your audience and determine what kind of entertainment they would actually pay to see. Consider the overall demographics of your group. For example: If you have an international group, a comedian may not be effective, unless that comedian knows how to work in front of that type of audience.Stage, Lights and Sound – The Set-Up:
Make sure that your talent has the proper staging to deliver his or her act. If using a talent like a comedian or magician, keep the audience close to the stage. For these acts, placing the audience at a distance from the performer is an obstacle, as are any walls or building posts that may impede on views. Adequate sound and lighting that will meet the needs of your entertainment is critical. Finally, do not have your talent perform while your group is eating. That is distracting for the talent, as well as the audience.This Ain’t HBO – Keep It Clean:
The corporate entertainer that you hire must be able to work clean. That means no offensive language, etc.Show and Tell – View the Demo:
By viewing the corporate entertainer’s video, you will see whether or not he or she would be a fit for your group. Notice what other companies have hired that entertainer as their corporate event entertainment. Many entertainers will place logos on their sites “suggesting” they have worked for those companies, but they have no testimonials – written or video – to back up that work. The entertainer’s site should provide real testimonials – preferably video testimonials – and those testimonials should back up the majority of the companies for which the entertainer states he or she has worked.Need to Speak – Conference Call:
Schedule a conference call with the act – not the agent. Unless you are hiring a “big name,” then you should be able to speak with the talent, prior to booking. Usually, the agent will also be on the call, which is fine. During that call, never talk about fees, just keep it to what you would like the talent to provide and gauge their response to your requests.Don’t Forget Us – Customization:
The corporate entertainer should be able to customize his or her presentation to include some key messaging that you want your group to hear. Obviously, if you’re booking a band, that is not the case. I’m speaking about comedians, corporate magicians and mentalists, jugglers, etc. These talents should be able to incorporate some messaging into their presentations. For customer appreciation events the messaging may be lighter than for a sales group or maybe not. If the talent has corporate experience (and why would you hire that person if they didn’t?) during your conference call, ask their opinion.The Check Is in the Mail – Pay on Time:
Most corporate event entertainment providers are self-employed. They require a deposit and then timely payment on the remainder. Don’t treat the talent like an employee or even a vendor that may supply product to your company. Your employees get paid on time – with benefits – and the vendors usually work with companies that pay them on time with benefits. You like to be paid on time… and so does the talent.

Where To Invest Money Online – Great Places To Invest!

Investing has quickly become one of the top ways for people to make money online. The world wide web has truly changed investing and helped people to get started investing much faster and with much less money than they ever thought possible, while also allowing them to maximize their profit and earn more money investing than they ever thought possible.There are many great ways as well as great places to truly earn a lot of money, and today, our finance and investment experts are going to go over some of the best places as well as ways to invest and potentially earn maximum profits doing so!Forex TradingOne of the most popular places to invest is in Forex trading, with an average daily turnover of around $1.3 Trillion, there is surely a lot of money in the Forex market to go around. With the amazing opportunity for profits, many people are eager to invest in Forex trading.While you surely can make a lot in Forex, it’s great to have a Forex trading system or be an expert to really earn a lot when trading currencies!IRA InvestmentsIRAs have long been a great, consistent way to invest. IRAs offer people who have little or no experience a great way to invest their money. An IRA account allows people to earn stable, consistent returns on their account over the long term, even if they’re just starting out with a little bit.I have heard stories where people have put some money in an IRA, left it alone for years, and almost forgotten about it, just to look at it years later and see a very large amount from their initial investment inside of it!Investing In Online LoansOne of the very fast, easy and up and coming ways to invest is to invest in online loans. Investing in loans allows you to diversify your investment potentially maximize your profit by both investing in secure, lower interest loans, as well as in higher interest riskier loans. By being able to diversify your investment among various types of loans, investors have really been able to maximize their profit and earn more money, even when just starting out with a little bit.When investing, it’s important to diversify your portfolio and investments in order to earn as much as possible and have the most steady and consistent income stream possible from the particular investments that you decide on whether they be Forex, IRA accounts, Online Loans or others!