Invest in America’s Greatest Commodity – Family

It’s so easy to get caught up in the fast pace of today’s world to the point of forgetting what really matters. America’s greatest commodity is the family. A nation built on strong loving families is a happy nation indeed. If you look around, it isn’t hard to see many broken families who have fallen victim to that fast pace. Are looking for ways to strengthen your family, build trust in your children, and make your home a firm foundation? Consider the following ideas.Too many parents are letting other people raise their own children. It could be through schools, sports, dance, TV, video games, friends, etc…As parents, it is important that you sit down with your spouse and decide what is family time to you. The problem with letting other people raise your children is that your children are learning life’s lessons from other people and not you.Some parents feel they have to enroll their child in every after school opportunity in order for them to be well rounded. It is good for children to be a part of a team. It can teach teamwork, and discipline, and self confidence in a way that will be very helpful later in life for your child. However if your child is scheduled in too many activities and never at home, how will they learn what home is and how important family is? Family is about teamwork. This is a critical thing to teach your children.As parents, it is vital that you spend time with your children. A parent can be home but still not be available to their children. Computer, TV, cell phones are hard items to compete with but when your children are home, the parent should make sure they are not preoccupied with other things. If you can get your child to talk to you while they are young, then hopefully they will build enough trust to know that they can talk to you about anything during their teen years. When you listen, really listen with an intent to understand. By virtue of the fact that parents were once kids, this gives them the ability to relate and empathize with their children if they will take the time to do it.Plan time that you can spend with each child one on one. Hold a special family night once a week where parents can address family business, or you have a fun spontaneous activity and treats, or have a religious theme to teach them. Whatever fits your family’s needs you can help fulfill by having this time set aside one evening a week.Arrange one meal a day where you sit down together as a family and eat together. Discuss fun topics, jokes, find out more about each other. Make memories and build a bond as you come together at least once a day as a family and make that time sacred. No cell phones allowed! It can be breakfast, dinner, which ever meal will work for your family.Take a family vacation. Don’t let anything get in the way of doing that! You don’t have to travel far you can camp out in the backyard if gas is outrageous and you can’t afford to go to far. Just plan a weekend or a couple of days if you have the luxury of a whole week-great go for it!If you are a religious family and even if you aren’t try having family prayer. Morning when everyone wakes up and then at night before everyone retires. You will be amazed at how these simple type activities can bring a family very close. If you invest the time and effort to build and strengthen your family’s relationships it can last forever. After all when you grow old and gray, all you have left are your children. The return is priceless when you invest in your family!

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